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                                                                  spayed/                   not spayed/

                                                                  neutered                  not neutered

1 year license                                             $ 10                        $ 20

1 year for senior citizens 60 & over               $   7

3 year license                                             $ 25                        $ 50


  One year license:

The dog's first rabies vaccination is valid for one (1) year.  You can only purchase a one (1) year dog license at this point.  The  license expires July 1st of each year.  Every dog over 4 months of age must have a current rabies vaccination and a Colusa County dog license.

Three year license:

After the initial vaccination, the dog must receive a booster rabies vaccination    every three (3) years thereafter.  At this time you can purchase a three (3) year dog license.  This license will expire on the same date the vaccination expires.  You have thirty (30) days from the rabies vaccination to renew the license.

What do I need in order to purchase a license?:

You will need to bring:

     1.   a copy of a current rabies vaccination receipt from a licensed veterinarian showing the name of the dog, date of vaccination, rabies tag number etc.


     2.  a copy of the previous issued license form,

     3.  your driver's license or personal I.D.

     4.  cash (debit or credit cards cannot be processed)

How  do I purchase a license?

Bring all of the above required paperwork to:

      1.  Colusa County Animal Control Dept., 929 Bridge Street, Colusa  (located behind the Sheriffs Dept.) Officer hours are Monday - Friday  2:00 - 3:00

      2.  By mail at the above noted address.  Include copy of I.D.

      3.  Attend  the Rabies/Dog License Clinics in May each year.  The animal control officer, volunteers and a veterinarian will visit a town once a week in May.  Date and times will be noted in the local newspaper and on this website on our News & Events page.



The Sheriff's Dept. has a data base of all licenses which aid in the return of your pet to you on a timely basis. Be a responsible pet owner and make sure the dog's collar isn't too tight and the tags are not wearing thin.  

"Be Aware ~ Show You Care"













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