Parvo - the killer of young dogs

Every animal shelter is being hit hard by the disease called Parvo.  It is a devastating condition that effects puppies and young dogs and mostly certainly can kill your dog within 7 days after getting the disease. 

Please, please, please have your veterinarian vaccinate your puppy or young dog against this killer disease and save a life.  The disease attacks the dog's digestive system.  It is in yards, on the grass, on the sidewalk, puddles of water, everywhere these little puppies walk they can pick this up.

Please read more about pet care at which is offered by the California Veterinary Medical Association.  It's a very fun site for kids but it has wonderful information for the pet owner.  



The veterinarians listed alphabetically below treat large and small animals (L/S) where noted.  The names provided are on an informational basis,  we do not endorse one particular veterinarian. 

We  list only DVM's who have no citations against them as verified through the California Veterinary Medical Board. 

BURNHAM VETERINARY CLINIC            (530)   934 - 3311

E County Road 48, Willows                     Leroy Burnham, DVM      (L/S)


COLUSA VETERINARY HOSPITAL         (530)   458 - 2221

1110 Bridge Street,  Colusa                      Paul Salazar, DVM          (S)




              24-Hours       7 Days A Week

              Emergency Animal Care

                     Now Available at

                Northpointe Veterinary Hospital             530 - 674 - 8670

                1463 Live Oak Blvd.       Yuba City

This is wonderful news for all small animal pet owners.  This has been needed for many years and we applaud Northpointe for seeing the need and solving the problem.  Thank you.  As with the other veterinarians listed on this page, the license status of the emergency vets who will be on call have been verified that no citations have been filed against them.  9/2/09


A Second Veterinary Office Open 7 Days A Week

VCA Yuba Sutter Animal Hospital                  530 - 673 - 8853

            1368 Colusa Highway       Yuba City

            Hours:  8 am    -     8 pm         7 Days A Week

 Thank you to the four small animal veterinarians and the staff to extend the hours for the good of the animals. 




~  Annual visit to your veterinarian is a minimum.  This will allow maintaining your pets vaccination status as well as allowing your veterinarian to examine your pet to detect any health problems early before they become life threatening or expensive to treat.

~  Fleas.  Using topical flea treatments can prevent skin problems as well as lessen the probability of your pet picking up intestinal parasites such as tapeworms.

~  Provide shelter.  Your pet must be able to get out of the wind, rain, and direct sunlight year round.  Preferably a dog house whether home made or store bought that doesn't leak and in which you can put loose bedding that your pet can form around him is important in the winter months.  Burlap sacks filled with cedar chips will repel fleas and it conforms to the animals body..

~  Puppy Vaccinations.  Vaccinating your puppy is very important in protecting your pet from contracting diseases such as distemper, parvo virus and other diseases that are transmissible between dogs.  The time to begin vaccinating your puppy is between 6 - 8 weeks old.  After the first vaccination two (2) additional boosters should be given at about 3 - 4 week intervals.  Consult your veterinarian.

~  Talk to your veterinarian about a health plan to ensure your pet will be healthy for many years to come.  Vaccinations, de-worming, heartworm test, a microchip implant and having your pet spayed or neutered are topics that should be discussed.





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Verify  your veterinarian's license, the clinic or check on possible citations here.

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98% of the animals impounded at the shelter have NO form of identification.

A name tag, dog license or rabies tag on your dog will ensure that they can be returned to you.  If your dog loses his collar, consider having a microchip implanted.  The cost is minimal and the identification is permanent.  It's up to you to keep your phone and address current with the company.

Talk to your veterinarian about a microchip implant at your next visit.

All animal shelters, rescue, humane groups and vet clinics can scan for a microchip.



Consider buying the guide book the Automobile Association (AAA) has available: Traveling with your Pet: The AAA PetBook.   The guidebook lists over 10,000 AAA-approved pet-friendly hotels in the U.S. and Canada.  Plus  dog parks, campgrounds and attractions that are pet friendly and has a directory of animal clinics.  It's available at AAA offices.



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