Colusa County Animal Shelter

929 Bridge Street, Colusa CA 95932-2837

Main number:  530 - 458 - 0200

Adoptions:  530 - 458 - 0247



Office and Shelter hours:  Monday through Friday      2:00 - 3:00pm

Please call 530 - 458 - 0247 if you need to make special scheduling arraignments for viewing or picking up a pet for adoption.


Chief Animal Control Officer:  Courtney Elliott



The animal shelter was not a safe or humane facility in 2004.  In February of that year FOCCAS held the first meeting to discuss how the building, the cat cages and dog kennels could be improved. 

Below are some of the remaining pictures we have though most were lost when we lost our original website. The "after" photos show what a community can do when a crisis is brought to their attention.  Thank you to the many businesses who donated their product, their labor and knowledge to help the animals.

 The 450 sq. foot concrete block building  houses fourteen dog kennels and 20 cat cages.  Originally the two ventilation ceiling fans were frozen solid, the three small windows could not be opened, one 60 watt light bulb serviced the entire kennel area, the swamp cooler and the heater needed repairs,  the dogs ate out of hospital bed pans on cold wet concrete floors. The rusted cat boxes were dungeons.  Some cats were housed in rabbit cages.   The 3 X 6 chain link dog kennel fencing was broken at the bottom exposing rusted, sharp wire, some had holes that paws could be caught in. 



       exterior/interior cat boxes 2003                    cats in rabbit cages  Jan.2004


   stainless steel cat cages donated from Yolo County 2004


    Kennel interior with 60 watt bulb  and no paint 2003


Kennel interior with florescent lighting and paint 2004


Backyard full of empty sand bags, stacks upon stacks  2003


Backyard clean up with one donated outdoor "sun" pen 2005


3 X 6 chain link cement floor (no beds) kennel  2003


Automatic waterers & Kuranda dog beds, stainless steel side panel  beginning to show wear along the bottom  2006

the ceiling ventilation fans continue to need repair

the three windows now open 2004

Latest purchase is a stainless steel 5 cage set for puppies, kittens and small dogs  2007

Chief Animal Control Officer Elliott (standing) and Animal Control Officer Applegarth (temporary officer)

       Large two cage unit + 6 cage unit, stainless steel.  Donated from Yolo County Animal Care Services                Thank You!     August  2009