If you feel your animal has been harmed or disfigured please contact us. We will put you in touch with people who will answer your questions and help you to file a report with California Veterinary Medical Board. It's easy, quick and justified. It's up to you to stop veterinarians, veterinary technicians, groomers and farriers from harming your pet.

To whom do I report animal cruelty?

When you see animal cruelty you can save a life by calling the appropriate law enforcement agencies which are listed below on this page. If you do not receive an appropriate response from the agency, please contact us.

If you do file a report with an agency, please follow up with them in a few days to verify that an officer has been assigned and has responded to the scene. Unfortunately, animal cruelty cases are a low priority to them but we can help change that with constant vigilance. Contact us if we can assist you (

The agencies will respond to calls within their own jurisdiction. For example, if you live in the city of Colusa you would call the Colusa City Police; if you live in the city of Williams, you would call the Williams Police Dept. If you live anywhere else in the county, you would call the Sheriff's Dept.

Colusa City Police (530) 458-7778
Williams City Police (530) 473-2661
Sheriff's Department (530) 45 -0200

The Colusa County Animal Control Officers will respond only to seize an animal or for consultation by the responding officers.


Puppy mills can be large operations or backyard breeders.  Both forego the health of the animals in order to make a profit.  Puppy's are sold in newspapers and on the internet. 

Learn how you can stop these unscrupulous people.  If you know of a situation please report it to the agencies on the left. You can give your first name only.

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