We strive to find the best homes for the sheltered animals that are available for adoption at the Colusa County Animal Shelter. Therefore, we ask that all potential adopters complete an adoption application.

Applications are available

  • at the shelter office during regular office hours Sunday-Saturday 2-3pm
  • as a downloadable, form-fillable PDF
  • as a downloadable, printable PDF
  • by mail by request (send request to

Please send applications

  • in person at the shelter office during regular office hours Sunday-Saturday 2-3pm
  • by mail to Chris Jacobs, FOCCAS President, PO Box 858, Maxwell, CA 95955
  • by fax to (530) 458-4697 with "Animal Shelter" noted on the cover sheet
  • as email attachments to

No decision on applications will be made until they have been reviewed by our adoption personnel. We welcome you to visit the shelter and get to know the animal you are interested in. Not all available animals are located at the shelter. Some are in foster homes. Please call the shelter (530-458-0229) to confirm an animal will/can be at the shelter when you visit. Visitation with the animal is encouraged but it does not guarantee adoption. Animals are only put on "hold" when an adoptor coming from a distance (1+ hours) is on his/her way to the shelter (please call and let shelter staff know).

Current fees

Adoption fee $10.00
Refundable Spay/Neuter Deposit for Dogs $50.00
Refundable Spay/Neuter Deposit for Cats $40.00



Per state law, the new owner has 30 business days from the date of adoption to have the animal spayed or neutered. The owner of a puppy or kitten under 3 months of age will be given an extended time period. The animal must be sterilized no later than 4 months of age. Some veterinarians like to wait until the animal is 6 months old so they can remove baby teeth at the same time. Dogs and cats become sexually mature between 3 and 4 months old. By waiting until the pet is 6 months old, you run the risk of the animal having an unwanted litter.

Please read the adoption agreement and spay/neuter agreement before signing. Animals that are not sterilized by the designated date must be returned to the shelter and the adoption will be voided. The spay/neuter deposit will be refunded upon receipt by the Colusa County Animal Shelter of a veterinary certificate showing that the animal has been altered.

Please be prepared with a dog crate, preferably, or a collar, leash, and name tag when you arrive to pick up your new family member. We want everyone to be safe for the ride home. Cats must go home in crates or a box intended for use transporting cats.

At the time of surgery, the veterinarian will usually administer a rabies vaccination. Adopters have 30 days from the date of vaccination to purchase a Colusa County dog license if the animal will reside in the county. All adoptions are finalized through the Colusa County Sheriff's Department. FOCCAS supplies this website so the animals will have a greater chance to find a loving home with caring people.



Would you like to adopt a pet?  You can print and fill out the adoption form in the comfort of your home.

PDF (fillable)

PDF (print only)


Rescue Groups must provide proof of a 501 (c) 3 status.  Contact

Individuals please contact